The majority of women who choose abortion regret their decision

The majority of women who have had an abortion have made their decision in a crisis situation, which makes it impossible to look for alternatives, psychologist Melinda Hal told the daily Magyar Nemzet about the heartbeat regulation. According to the psychologist, the psychological consequences are almost unavoidable, and research shows that a significant number of women regret having an abortion, the daily said in its article.

“From the experience of my practice, it can be clearly stated that the majority of women who have undergone abortion were in a crisis situation when they made their decision, which results in an altered consciousness,” psychologist Melinda Hal told Magyar Nemzet when asked about the heartbeat decree that came into force yesterday. As she said, the level of consciousness decreases, rational thoughts are even completely ignored by this altered state of consciousness, which makes it impossible to search for alternatives. Melinda Hal explained that research has shown that listening to the heartbeat can influence the decision to have an abortion because the heartbeat is generally perceived by people as a symbol of life. Research in other countries where similar laws have been introduced has shown a significant or slight reduction in the number of abortions.

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