Sanctions destroy innocent people

More and more people are raising their voices against the measures against Russia. Experts and politicians say it is becoming increasingly clear that the punitive measures have done more harm to the people of Europe than to the Russians. And the Russian president, who is the target of the sanctions, is definitely not feeling the effects of the sanctions, reports, citing a summary by the international news agency V4NA.

Government politicians and their bureaucrats should be banned from arbitrarily interfering in people’s freedoms, German economist Thorsten Polleit said in a newspaper interview. According to the renowned expert, the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western politicians are among such interventions.

“Experience has shown that sanctions do not achieve what politicians claim they want to achieve, but rather they usually affect the wrong people and destroy innocent people,” the portal quotes the economist as saying. According to Polleit, there is also a risk that politicians will overuse sanctions because ultimately they will not have to bear the consequences and costs of their decisions, but will pass them on to the public.

“If the politicians decide that no more oil and gas can be imported from Russia, there will be economic collapse, poverty and misery for the population in many European countries. But politicians and bureaucrats will continue to receive generous salaries and pensions,” said Polleit, who said that last but not least, powerful big business also sees an opportunity to influence sanctions to their advantage. He cited the example of US oil and gas companies, which are profiting from the death of the European economy.

The economist said that it would be wise to introduce punitive measures, but instead the world today is characterised by opaque international politics that abuse national governments to pursue a sanctions policy that does not resolve the conflict but prolongs and intensifies it.

Polleit is not the only economist in Germany warning that things are going in the wrong direction. The war against Russia cannot be won with sanctions, says Gertrud Traud, a leading economist at the Landesbank in Germany.

She says that while the effects of the war in Ukraine are becoming increasingly clear to us, the impact of the war and sanctions on the Russian economy is much smaller than originally expected. On the one hand, Russia is well prepared for the war, and on the other, it is much less isolated than Western countries assumed or hoped.

Traud also noted that while more than a thousand Western companies have reduced, suspended or ceased business in Russia since the war began, those that have pulled the plug completely were probably glad to get anything at all for their properties. “It’s easy to guess who benefited,” the economist said.

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