Officially priced firewood programme launched in Hungary

The officially priced firewood programme is launched in Hungary, and forestry companies can now apply to buy firewood. Applications can be made in person, by phone or e-mail, the Agriculture Ministry told MTI on Sunday.

The ministry said that the government is taking another extraordinary measure to counter the energy and gas crisis caused by the misguided Brussels sanctions and to reduce the utility bills of Hungarian families.

The statement quoted Agriculture Minister István Nagy as saying that this would give the population access to firewood at a maximum price, and could even replace gas heating in many families.

Firewood produced on state forestry holdings can be bought at a single price, up to a maximum of ten cubic metres of wood per household, at 152 points of sale in the country.

The minister recalled that the Russian-Ukrainian war and the misguided sanctions imposed by Brussels had led to an energy crisis in Europe. It was therefore necessary to create the possibility to heat with wood instead of gas wherever possible, he said.

He added that the autumn felling season had already begun and forestry companies were steadily fulfilling orders from the public. Sufficient quantities of firewood are available for the heating period. Autumn production is going according to plan, with the firewood portion being sold by forestry companies on the domestic market.

István Nagy also said that the launch of the firewood programme means the beginning of the receipt of requests and the payment of the price of the firewood ordered at the designated payment points of the state forestry holdings. Those forestry holdings that have stocks of the firewood ordered will also begin to deliver it.

Under the scheme, firewood can be purchased in cylinders, the delivery of which from the collection point to the place of use must be arranged by the purchaser.

Under the firewood programme, hardwood, softwood and pine firewood may be purchased; the species composition of the firewood is determined by the State forestry enterprise for each area.

Under the programme, the maximum uniform price of cylindrical firewood, including sales tax, that can be purchased from state forestry holdings is HUF 30 000 per forest cubic metre for hardwood and HUF 19-19 000 per forest cubic metre for softwood and pine.

The Ministry of Agriculture also announced that the 10 cubic metres of firewood in the firewood programme will include the amount of firewood purchased from state forestry holdings after 1 May 2022.

It was indicated that the State forestry holdings mainly serve the population of the municipalities in their area of operation. A list of the areas of operation and more detailed information on the locations, conditions and procedures for the purchase of firewood can be found on the website and on the websites of the state forestry enterprises. In addition, the forest holdings will continue to offer the possibility of collecting carcasses, which can help families in need, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement.