Member of the Bundestag says Germany is ruining itself

It is clear that the anti-Russian sanctions will not end the conflict in Ukraine, the German Federal Republic is destroying its industry and the middle class with its energy decisions, Russia is earning more than before thanks to rising prices, and the Russian leader is laughing out loud at Berlin, said Bundestag member Sarah Wagenknecht of the Left Party faction.

“The Russian company Gazprom is currently making record profits. And it is clear that sanctions will not lead to an end to the war in Ukraine,” the MP said in an interview with the German publication t-online.

According to Wagenknecht, Gazprom is using its record profits to build additional gas pipelines to China.
“Oil exports to Asia have already increased several times over. Russia doesn’t need the West to sell its raw materials. But without cheap energy sources, the German industry would go bankrupt,” a spokeswoman for the Left is confident.

At the same time, she says, the United States, whose fracking industry currently generates USD 200 million profit per liquefied gas tanker and is re-industrialising, as more and more companies move jobs from Europe abroad because gas and electricity are many times cheaper there.

In her view, Germany is destroying its industry and its middle class, “this is madness”. “We are bankrupting ourselves and Russia is making more money than before thanks to the price explosion. Putin is laughing at us out loud,” the MP added.