Katalin Novák took the Hungarians’ thanks to the soldiers serving in Kosovo

The Hungarian people are proud of the Hungarian soldiers and praise their service, President of the Republic Katalin Novák said on Tuesday in Kosovo during her visit to the KFOR mission.

Speaking at a staff meeting at the Novo Selo camp, she stressed that as commander-in-chief of the Hungarian Defence Forces, she brought the Hungarian people’s thanks to the soldiers serving in Kosovo.

He added that it is well known in Hungary that Hungarian soldiers are serving in Kosovo, and there is a lot of support for this at home.

The President thanked Major General Ferenc Kajári, the Hungarian commander of the KFOR mission.

Katalin Novák recalled that there is a war in Ukraine, which all European countries would like to avoid. Hungary is on the side of peace, she stressed, adding that the destabilisation of the Western Balkans could also affect Europe.

He said that it is not only fighting wars that is difficult, but also building and maintaining peace. He paid tribute to the strength of the soldiers needed to defend their homeland and peace.

Speaking to the soldiers as a wife and mother, Katalin Novák said she understood how difficult it can be to be away from family and thanked the families for the sacrifice it entails.

At the end of the meeting, the President of the Republic of Hungary presented a gift to the soldiers who had served.