Hungary no longer has democracy, says report now being debated in EP

The Hungarian system has been branded a hybrid regime, an electoral autocracy, in a text to be debated in Strasbourg. If the majority agrees, MEPs will urge the Commission to stop giving money to the Hungarian government.

  • The European Parliament will debate the latest report on the rule of law in Hungary on Wednesday afternoon.
  • It is an addendum to the 2018 Sargentini report. At the time, the report led to a case against Hungary that could end up with the government’s voting rights in the European Council being revoked.
  • According to the current report, the situation has worsened since 2018 and Hungary is now not a democracy but a hybrid regime of electoral autocracy.
  • According to the report, the Commission and the Council are also responsible for this, because they have not taken strong enough action against the Hungarian government.
  • The report calls on both bodies to be tough and not to give in or give money to the Hungarian Government in the procedures on the agenda.
  • The report will be voted on Thursday and, based on the committee’s preparations, there is a good chance that a majority will vote for it.
  • This report is a political statement, which the Commission and the Council should take into account, but it is not legally binding on either institution.
  • However, Parliament has already indicated that if the Commission does not take account of such statements, Ursula von der Leyen and the Commissioners will be replaced.