Gábor Fodor: the European Commission does not understand how big the problem is

According to the former politician, there has been no major change, and the European Commission is still the same as it has always been.

Ursula von der Leyen’s annual assessment speech and sanctions policy were also discussed on 48 Minutes – Host: Tamás Lánczi, this time with writer and publicist Zsolt Bayer and Gábor Fodor, Director of the Central European Institute for the Study of Organizational Change.

Gábor Fodor, director of the Institute for Central European Organizational Change, said that Von der Leyen’s speech showed that there had been no serious change, and that the European Commission was still the same as before. The former Free Democrat politician said that the Commission was not aware of the scale of the problems in the energy sector, the serious economic problems ahead and the potential for social discontent.

Writer and publicist Zsolt Bayer said the situation is that if Germany is going down, so is Europe: Germany is the economic engine of the continent and several industrial players have indicated that it is facing serious problems. The publicist pointed out that solidarity with Ukraine is natural and Russia is the aggressor, but the Russian economic collapse, unlike Europe’s, is light years away.