Foreign Minister of the Netherlands attacks Hungary in an interview

The Foreign Minister of the Netherlands has attacked Hungary in an interview, the State Secretary for Bilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in a video posted on his social media page on Tuesday. Tamás Meczer, however, said that Wopke Hoekstra would only have a purpose in dealing with Hungary if he had managed to put his own country in order.

Tamás Menczer recalled that Wopke Hoekstra said he was very concerned about the rule of law in Hungary, referring to “lies of the European Parliament”. He said that the rule of law is under threat in Hungary, common values are under threat and what is happening to the judiciary or the free press is terrible.

The State Secretary said that he had found that the Dutch rule of law had been affected by more than 300 anti-Semitic crimes in 2019, 135 in 2020 and around 200 in 2021. In the Netherlands, you have to be happy that anti-Semitic crimes are not committed every day, “just every other day”, said Tamás Menczer.

According to a survey by the Dutch Journalists’ Association, 80 per cent of journalists receive threats, which also shows a downward trend, from 60 per cent a few years ago.

In addition, a lawyer in the Netherlands was shot dead in the open street for defending a key witness in a drug case. After the incident, the president of the Dutch police union said the Netherlands had become a drug state, he noted. He added that the criminal organisation had also been linked to the murder of an investigative journalist.

Tamás Menczer also pointed out that in the Netherlands, the state secretary for migration had to resign because the government had concealed serious crimes committed by migrants, and the head of the administrative court was a former liberal politician.

He also said that since 2012 the Dutch tax authorities have wrongly accused more than 26,000 Dutch parents of fraud and ordered tens of thousands of families to repay tens of thousands of euros in child support. A Dutch report said that the Dutch tax authority had violated the fundamental principles of the country and the rule of law in general, it said.

Tamás Menczer said that, having seen and known these facts, he was concerned about the state of the rule of law in the Netherlands and would expect the European Parliament to call an extraordinary sitting immediately and to report on the state of the rule of law in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Foreign Minister should also be expected to address Hungary the next time that order has finally been restored in his own country.