Foreign experts and huge sums of money from abroad influenced the Hungarian election campaign

As the All Hungary Movement (MMM) is not a party, the organisation can safely accept funds from abroad, says Péter Márki-Zay, former opposition candidate for the government, Magyar Nemzet reports.

According to Zoltán Lomnici Jr., the picture is much more nuanced, and the constitutional lawyer believes that the left-wing parties will have to prove that they have not received financial benefits from abroad through MMM, which will not be easy. In fact, the opposition’s campaign was influenced not only by the huge remittances from abroad, but also by foreign experts acting in foreign interests.

In a video interview published by Magyar Nemzet on Wednesday, Péter Márki-Zay said that they are not subject to the rules of party funding, as the All Hungary Movement (MMM) is not a party and has never ‘behaved’ as a party. Therefore, according to him, they can accept money from abroad, but he denied that they had used the money from the United States for election campaigns during the election period.

“What we have been doing, including with the support of Action for Democracy, is a campaign to change Hungarian culture,” he said.

Márki-Zay believes that it is no loophole that, as a candidate for prime minister who enjoys the support of all left-wing parties, the organisation he heads campaigned with foreign money during the election period. The politician also confirmed that the money in question was also used to pay the DatAdat group of companies, which bears the name of former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai.

In his podcast “Gulyáságyú” (Gulyáságyú is the Hungarian Voice) at the end of August, Márki-Zay reported that “even in mid-June, several hundred million forints in funding was still coming in from the United States”. At the time, he did not hide the fact that the US foundation Action for Democracy had sent this sum in one batch, but he claimed that other transfers had come from this organisation in the past, and that the funds had been contributed by many donors overseas.

Asked if the US stock speculator was one of them, he said “I don’t think George Soros has donated money to us specifically”.

“Already at the beginning of this year’s campaign, serious concerns were raised that the leader of the left-wing list was not backed by a party or party foundation, for the first time since the regime change, as a simple NGO is subject to more permissive financial rules than parties, and for example, in the case of associations, the financial control mechanism of the State Audit Office (SAO) is not enforced“, Zoltán Lomnici Jr. said.

The constitutional lawyer pointed out that according to the law on political parties, a party may not accept anonymous donations or financial contributions from foreign organisations or non-Hungarian natural persons. In his view, the left-wing parties must therefore prove that they did not indirectly benefit from the funds that flowed into the association from abroad.

“The SAO will provide an official opinion on this, although it is rather unrealistic, but the fact that the “Only upwards” poster campaign saw Péter Márki-Zay and the left-wing candidate of the constituency in question as the common candidate is worsening the position of the opposition parties across the country”, he added.

He said that the situation of the parties concerned is not helped by the fact that after the elections the first man of Hódmezővásárhely was criticised from the left for saying that the “money that came into the account of the All Hungary Movement officially belongs to them” and that the leader of the left-wing list intends to use the money to found a party.

“The MMM’s theory of a separate campaign is also contradicted by the fact that the DatAdat group of companies of Gordon Bajnai, which also supported the left from abroad, could have received MMM’s money from abroad in connection with the left-wing text message scandal at the end of March, which was also a campaign in the interest of the entire opposition”, he noted.

Overall, the expert said that the State Audit Office of Hungary and the competent investigative authority have the power to fully investigate the domestic events.

In addition, Zoltán Lomnici Jr. pointed out that in the United States and Canada, PACs (political action committees), or more recently 527 organizations, are groups that collect and collectively manage campaign contributions from members and donors (who give money to these funds for campaigns against/for candidates, referendum initiatives or legislation). He stressed that the operation of such organisations is not the norm in our country, and that the channelling of secret funds into a political campaign is subject to severe penalties in the US.

In recent days, Magyar Nemzet has published a four-part series of articles exposing the deep layers of foreign support for the left-wing campaign: it revealed that a well-planned, complete, “American-style” campaign organisation had been set up, ranging from data collection companies to political analysts, from a series of thematic policy NGOs to activist mobilisation organisations.

The former US Democratic presidential candidate, deputy campaign manager and one of the field managers of the far-left Bernie Sanders, also worked for Márki-Zay’s campaign, which was supported by all possible means by George Soros’ speculative circles.

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