EU gives €47.7 billion to partner countries

The European Union, its member states and European financial institutions have provided €47.7 billion in support to partner countries to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences since the beginning of 2020, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

The EU has provided assistance to 140 countries since the beginning of 2020 until 31 December 2021, significantly more than the €20 billion package of aid pledged in spring 2020, according to the EU Commission’s communication.

The EU has disbursed €47.7 billion under the Europe Together package to help partner countries. The aid package includes €3 billion for emergency response to humanitarian needs, €10.6 billion to reinforce health and water supply systems and sanitation networks, and €34.1 billion to mitigate the social and economic consequences of the pandemic, including job losses and education, it said.

Of the EU package, European partner countries received €13.6 billion, sub-Saharan Africa €8.3 billion, the Western Balkans and Turkey €6.8 billion, Asia and the Pacific €4 billion, and Latin America and the Caribbean €2.5 billion. Africa, Caribbean and Pacific received €539 million in regional aid. Greenland: €579 million and €8.6 billion for other global programmes, the Brussels-based body said.